News and Events

Jan. 17, 2022
VeNIT Lab direktörümüz Mujdat Soyturk ÜSİMP'te üniversite-sanayi işbirliği kapsamında gerçekleştirmiş oldukları başarılı uygulamalara yönelik konuşma gerçekleştirecektir.
Oct. 15, 2021
VeNIT Lab works on AI assisted methods and generates features for traffic management.
Sept. 22, 2021
Marmara University contributes to large-scale V2X scenarios in BEYOND5
Sept. 22, 2021
The reliability and security of wireless communication are critical in almost all industrial applications. Marmara University is contributing to the reliability and availability of wireless connectivity
March 5, 2021
We are contributing to science and industry in the fields of IoT, V2X/Connected Cars, Artificial Intelligence, and 5G with our 3 projects in the Horizon 2020 program.
Jan. 28, 2021
Prof. Dr. Mujdat Soyturk and Yavuz Selim Bostanci delivered an IoT workshop at BILSEM Science Camp.
Jan. 21, 2021
MInD-NET Lab ve VeNIT Lab Araştırmacılarımızın Akıllı Ulaşım Sistemlerindeki Başarısı
June 18, 2020
InSecTT kickoff meeting took place online.
May 20, 2020
InSecTT Project Grant Agreement signed.
Dec. 27, 2019
MInD-NET lab's new website is online!.
Dec. 20, 2019
Yavuz S. Bostancı delivered an IoT Workshop in Marmara University
Nov. 28, 2019
InSecTT project is selected to be funded by H2020-ECSEL JU.
Nov. 28, 2019
iRel4.0 is selected to be funded by H2020-ECSEL JU.
Nov. 28, 2019
BEYOND5 project is selected to be funded by H2020-ECSEL JU.
Aug. 1, 2019
WATMON products are live at Migros store and data warehouse. First deployments are completed successfully at two Migros stores and the data warehouse.
Feb. 13, 2019
First pilot deployments at Migros data center.
Sept. 18, 2018
WATMON team's site visit at Migros 3M.
Sept. 6, 2018
WATMON Kickoff meeting took place with all team members at Migros HQ.
Aug. 31, 2018
IMPROVE project is completed successfully.
May 8, 2018
First, project coordination meeting is held at Migros.
April 26, 2018
Prof.Dr. Mujdat Soyturk delivered a speech at Migros R&D department on 5G and IoT technologies.
April 2, 2018
WATMON project started.
March 18, 2018
WATMON Project Grant Agreement is signed.
Nov. 11, 2017
WATMON project is decided to be funded by TUBITAK (Project No: 5170043). Marmara University is the Project Coordinator and Migros Tic. A.S. is the industrial organization.