Intetra Eletcronics visited VeNIT Lab on 6 Dec. 2021

Intetra Elektronik San. ve Tic. A.Ş. CTO Recep Bahar, R&D Director Tufan Yılmaz and Onur Kocak have visited VeNIT Lab on 6 December 2021. We’ve made field demonstration of our V2X applications and C-ITS solutions in Marmara Üniversitesi Mehmet Genc Campus. We've discussed collaboration/cooperation opportunities in transportation, smart mobility, IoT and networking domains.

VeNIT Lab is developing:

  • V2X Applications for Traffic Safety and Efficiency
  • Connected Cars Services
  • Connected Cars Service Platform to provide up-to-date information with  traffic management services
  • In-vehicle graphical user interface for V2X Applications and situational awareness
  • Road safety and traffic management applications
  • Variable Message Sign application
  • Road disturbance detection application
  • Connected Cars Digital Twin
  • QoS monitoring and management applications in IoT networks 
  • AI-based anomaly detection and identification in industrial systems